About Jenn

Welcome to my little space. It’s currently under construction. Kinda like me. Here’s a glimpse into my world…

I love a good story. I’d love to hear yours. Everyone has one. My story is long. Like, really long. But it’s a good one. Every step of the way, no matter how many bumps were in the road, my God was faithful to me and He continues to be.

Maybe if we had the opportunity to sit face-to-face and with a big ol’ pot of strong coffee, I’d be able to hear about you and share some more about me. But for now, here’s the nutshell version.

I was born and raised in New York City by amazing parents. Though I always knew about Jesus, I was super rebellious and ran from Him during my teenage years. Then, at age 20, I had an encounter with God and finally surrendered to Him. That was 20 years ago. I’ve been on a journey with Jesus ever since.

At age 23, God led me to Chicago. Shortly after, I moved to Texas, then back to New York, and then back to Chicago again for a longer stretch. Years later in 2010 (to my surprise), I moved back to New York again. I thought I was returning to finish up school online but God had other plans. He led me to a church in Brooklyn, where I served on staff and grew to love some amazing people who became family. God taught me a lot in that season.

I did finally finish my degree. I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in Psychology (without ever setting foot on campus!). Then, in 2016, I uprooted again and moved to Texas again to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. I’m slowly pursuing a Masters in Counseling part-time. It is a leap of faith and a dream come true. I’m excited to see what God has in store.

I belong to an incredible family and I have wonderful friends who mean the world to me. I love laughing, writing, wearing hoodies, and yelling at the Knicks (hopefully one day it will turn into cheering). I really miss NY pizza but have grown to appreciate good street tacos.

That’s the short version. I’m a work in progress, kind of like this “under construction” blog. My story’s not over. It’s a story of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and the everlasting love of the Father. I’m still learning, healing, and growing. My prayer is that this blog can be a place where I can share some of those experiences and where you find encouragement. I hope to connect with you! Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter. (Instastories for the win!)