May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Back in April, I intended to write a big long meaningful post about Lyme awareness and life with Lyme. Well, it’s May 31st and that never happened…  because Lyme Disease!


Rather than stress myself out by attempting to conjure up some fake deep thoughts in these final hours of May, I thought I’d share some sites and articles for those who’d like to check it out some info and get a glimpse of the life of a Lyme fighter. Lyme is super complicated and, in some circles, controversial. And everyone’s experience is different.


The following sites have helpful Lyme resources and info: Global Lyme Alliance, The Mighty, Lyme Stats, and Lyme Disease Challenge. Several celebrities have gone public with their Lyme diagnosis including Debbie Gibson, Alec Baldwin, and Avril Lavigne just to name a few. (Avril Lavigne’s song “Head Above Water” came out of her struggle with Lyme and she now has a foundation).


I wish I had the time and energy to share more but here are several articles about both Lyme and chronic illness. Go ahead and bookmark this for that night of insomnia when you need something random to Google. 🙂



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Why People With Chronic Illness Can’t Simply ‘Push Through’


The Spoon Theory


25 Ways to Be a Good Friend to Someone with Lyme Disease




In addition to raising awareness about Lyme, I have to say how grateful I am for the support, prayers, encouragement, kindness, and generosity of my family and close friends in this season, particularly this last year of treatment. It’s been a really hard season and progress has been slower than anticipated. Though it’s been exhausting and frustrating, because of God’s grace and because of the love and support of some incredibly special people, I have hope. I’m especially grateful to my parents. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for them. And I’d never get through this without Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, He remains my living and eternal hope…



Hallelujah, praise the One who set me free
Hallelujah, death has lost its grip on me
You have broken every chain
There’s salvation in Your name
Jesus Christ, my living hope