What is it about being still that causes all chaos to break out? It’s not even so much the external circumstances, which happen to be quite nuts at the moment. The inner distractions are what really keep us from being still. At least that’s been the case as of late for me…

Rest, sabbath, stillness. All words that God’s been whispering to my heart since early last year. I long to be there, to experience the peace that comes from quieting my heart and ceasing with God, unto God. The more I talk about it, attempt it, go for it, the more I feel the onslaught. There never seems to be enough time in the day. But you know what? There never will be. Our ‘doing’ nature will always find more projects to finalize, more goals to accomplish, and more tasks to complete. In order to experience the blessing of being still, we must be intentional. This is about more than devotional time reading and praying. It’s about ceasing from the everyday whirlwind and designating an appointed time to rest in God’s presence.

If we’re really in tune to what God is doing, we’d see that the opportunities to be still are all around us. Sure, life is chaotic. I know mine is. (In the last 24 hours, I’ve laughed, cried, had a migraine, and gone to traffic court). But if I’m not still, it’s not because of everything else going on around me. It’s because I’ve chosen not to be. 

I have not mastered it by any means but the fact that rest and stillness are on the forefront of my mind is actually a win. And the tornadoes of my life that only seem to increase must mean I’m on to something. There’s such attacks when we purpose in our hearts to be still. Why? Because there is such fruit and clarity when we are purposeful enough to be still. Our ‘doing’ and striving cannot bring us to a place of knowing. Only ‘being’ can… being with Jesus.

Know that I’m not just referring to our daily Bible reading and prayer. Both are imperative but the ‘being still’ I write about here is the Sabbath moment where we meditate on the Lord. It’s not the doing, trying, striving, working. It’s ceasing from the intensity of life. When I’m not still and I’m in my little work bubble, my nature is to strive to get things together. But once I am still in God’s presence, I find such peace in knowing who He is and I can rest in knowing that I don’t need to get it all together. I never could anyway, no matter how hard I try!

There are so many things about Himself that God longs to reveal to us. Our next topic is BE LOVED.  A reality that we could never even attempt to wrap our minds around when we’re in a rush and on the go. I encourage you to look for the moments of stillness even in the midst of the storm. We are to be intentional about our stillness. But we can even find unexpected moments of stillness if we’re sensitive in the impromptu.

We can’t stop the storms. Disappointments and hardships (and sometimes migraines and even hours in traffic court) are inevitable. But Jesus is in the boat with us. The winds and waves may not be still (yet) but because He is with us, our hearts can be still. 

Additional Readings: 
Mark 4:35-41

Reflection Questions: 
When is the last time you looked for the stillness of Jesus in the midst of your storm? What has it done to your heart?

Song of Encouragement: 
“Be Still” by Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger

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