Since the beginning of last year, the Lord has been speaking to my heart about being vs. doing. Doing comes natural to me but to BE, that is not so easy. By nature, I am Martha, not a Mary. Much love to Martha. She was serving. I mean, in and of itself, it’s not bad. Jesus called us to serve and was the greatest example of a servant. We’re called to do just that. But it’s not the serving that was wrong, it’s that Martha was “distracted with much serving.” This led her to be anxious and troubled. When we’re distracted, it’s a sign we’ve lost focus. It’s time to choose what is better, sitting at the Master’s feet. BEING with our Lord. 

We’re all called to DO. Most of us are familiar with the verse in James, “Faith without works is dead.” That’s true! As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to make moves in the Kingdom. But what we’re called to do must flow out of who we are in Christ. Otherwise we strive in our own strength until we crash and burn. 

It seems only right that my BE 2016 journey begin with BE STILL. I can’t “do” stillness. It’s something I must be. The “doing” must cease so I can pause and be still. Sometimes we even get into work mode in our time with God. We can DO our devotions and still not BE with the Lord. In an era, city, mind, job, ministry, {fill-in-the-blank with whatever your thing is} that is going non-stop, doing is second nature. Being STILL? That is tough.

When we sprint full-speed without time in God’s presence (just to get something checked off of our to-do list), our inclination is to worry, to assume, to expect quick fixes, to try and work it out in our own strength. Or, like our homegirl, Martha, we get distracted and stressed out. Being STILL reminds us that we are not God.

Unless we intentionally pause to be with the Lord, we will never fully understand His love. Because working and doing comes natural, our perspective of God can become merit-based and our tendency is to work our tails off to achieve God’s love. That’s not the heart of the Father. His love for us is a gift, unconditional, everlasting, unchanging. More about that next month. 🙂 

Our stillness – “BEING” – allows us to know He is God and He is in control. It allows Him access into our heart to clean it up, heal it, strengthen it, and THEN go forward to do His will. We get it backwards. At least I know I have. Far too often. That’s why this year BE is the word. And every Wednesday this month, we will continue to discuss our need to Be STILL. Hope to see you then! 

Additional Readings: 
Luke 10:38-42
Psalm 46:10

Reflection Questions: 
Are you a Martha or a Mary? What can you change in your life this week to allow more time to BE STILL? 

Song of Encouragement:
“Be Still” by Kristene DiMarco